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I LOVE my alma matter.

Go to Hell Duke!

p.s. go to about 4 minutes to hear the song every true tarheel knows and loves...

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Tulips from the sky.

Why don't I live in Holland?

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Holiday Greetings from bored Hearst employees.

New Jersey is on Fire.

In true Sam Rosenberg fashion I have taken a phone picture of the view from my desk on the 17th floor on lower 5th Avenue. There is a truck on fire...yowza.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Quantum of Solace.

So I saw the new Bond on Friday and I want these glasses (on Mathieu):

And while I'm listing my wants, I would like these too (by Cutler and Gross in cooperation with Comme des Garcons):

And I'll take him too (teach me french Mathieu!):

**sidenote: what man looks that good in red pants?!**

Elf Yourself.

Send your own ElfYourself eCards

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We're the dancers.

So I haven't posted in AGES and I thought I should come back with a bang. This is the funniest clip I've seen in a while. Oh my gosh, JT and Andy Samberg...dream.

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Eat yourself silly.

I'm going to this, FOR FREE. Phenomenal.

A Friend You Can Eat.

Hilarious Swedish Fish ad campaign. The launch party was pretty cool too.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I did this. Blame me.

"It all goes back to Friday, March 7th when sleazy club owner Simon Hammerstein, headband-wearing scenester Arden Wohl, gay party boy Derek Blasberg, heiress Amanda Hearst, and gala staple Claire Bernard turned up at the New York Stock Exchange to ring the closing bell."
Story here

Video here

So to explain what I'm talking about: I used to plan the Winter Dance at the American Museum of Natural History. As a publicity move I basically badgered the NYSE to allow them to ring the closing bell on a date close to the event (March 13). This is the result. Wow.

Some Like it Hot.

"The Marilyn Files"

I've never been a Marilyn fanatic, but this is very interesting and gives a nice private look at such a public woman.

"I have too many fantasies to be a housewife.... I guess I am a fantasy."

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The worst dinner party EVER.

The Office is fantastic. Jan is a bitch from hell. Jim is dreamy.

Shun. Un-shun.

The South is Sensational.

Garden and Gun. One of my favorite magazines. Please enjoy.
Also interesting article here.

If you haven't seen this, you need to.

To my four readers, Please Come!

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Another one bites the dust.

I never thought I would be happier to work for a low-paying non profit. Who's worried? Show of hands:

Read the headlines, here.

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While I'm at it.

Nothing like a good Hitchcock kiss. Oh to be Grace Kelly! The most beautiful woman of all time:

Ode to our fair city.

The incomparable Ella. "Manhattan" and a bonus.

My nerd is showing.

I'm sorry, this is cool. You can surf through the ages of Art History all online at the Met. Well done.

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I know this guy.

So this blog chronicles the exploits of random gentlemen. I happen to know the fine gentleman featured in this story. Troubling? Spectacular? You be the judge. But he can can come to my wedding anytime.

Crime Scene: A Gentleman, A Wedding, A Smashed Glass

There’s no telling what a gentleman will do when he comes to town, and often times uninitiated locals sadly interpret his skillful maneuvers and expert socializing as actions of the offensive and highly inappropriate variety. Take for instance the ancient art of smashing champagne flutes at a wedding reception so that the dance floor is littered with shards of vein-cutting glass. To the poor soul unaccustomed to celebrating in the presence of such greatness, the gentleman’s actions can be misinterpreted as those of a dangerous, rabble-rousing drunkard, leaving nothing but carnage in his wake. But what these provincial people fail to grasp is that the gentleman — despite only adhering to the rare, non-denominational religion of the gentleman — was long ago ordained as a Rabbi (though he refused circumcision in favor of felatio), and thus his glass-smashing is merely a Jewish salute to the newly married WASP couple. Remember, once a gentleman enters the scene, all boundaries, whether religious, racial or marital, crumble. Mazel Tov!

Going4Broke: i love Pete’s photos

Going4Broke: They make me laugh out loud literally

ScotchChucker: haha me too

Going4Broke: everyone was hammered

ScotchChucker: good to look back and realize we were that shitfaced

Going4Broke: I know

ScotchChucker: someone said you were smashing glasses with your feet?

ScotchChucker: till the maid of honor told you to stop

Going4Broke: I think someone has a video of it

ScotchChucker: that would be incredible

Going4Broke: because someone said, “do it again! I want to video it!”

ScotchChucker: hahahah

ScotchChucker: did you just put a cocktail glass on the dance floor and slam your foot down on it?

Going4Broke: Well, it all started when the band stopped playing and announce there was glass on the dance floor. I was standing at a table on the grass with someone and proceeded to smash a glass on the ground and yelled “THERE IS ALSO NOW GLASS IN THE GRASS”

ScotchChucker: hahahahaha

Going4Broke: I did it again and said “There is more glass now”

Going4Broke: then “someone” told me to do it again so they could videotape it

ScotchChucker: priceless

Going4Broke: which is when the maid of honor got really mad at me and said, “we have to pay for those”

Going4Broke: I was like, “Field and Muffins aren’t going to be happy when they hear this story…”

ScotchChucker: haha nope

Going4Broke: I bet Field hates me after that night

Going4Broke: I was completely redic

ScotchChucker: one of my last memories of the night was standing at the bar ordering a scotch on the rocks….when Fitzpatrick comes around bobble heading and spills his drink on me….so i just turn right around and throw my full scotch on his crotch and turn around with the empty glass and say “Can I get a scotch on the rocks”

ScotchChucker: Muffins DEF hates me

Going4Broke: HAHAHAHA

ScotchChucker: especially after her mom tells her she had to carry me out of the reception

Going4Broke: yeah. her parents don’t know what hit them. We were a category 5 hurricane without insurance.

ScotchChucker: it was FAYnomenal

Going4Broke: NICE

Going4Broke: I just got re-embarrassed thinking about things I did that night

Going4Broke: I ate taco bell in my room with Buffy Crawford at 2AM.

ScotchChucker: ha….my other last memory is dancing with Buffy Craw…..and spinning and shit then stopping to wipe the sweat off my face and her just saying “oh god, gross” and that ended our dance

ScotchChucker: you hook?

Going4Broke: hahahaa

Going4Broke: nope

ScotchChucker: nice

Going4Broke: I took my shirt off and she was like “what are you doing?!”

ScotchChucker: Tryyyyyingh to Fuuuuuuuck

Going4Broke: I responded, “I paid for the room so I’ll do whatever I want”

Going4Broke: she went to sleep and ran out of the room at 6AM

ScotchChucker: I am surprised she could resist such a fine specimen of a man-creature

ScotchChucker: ok post lunch dump

ScotchChucker: brb

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lost puppeh.

Alright, so my Mother is a chronic chain emailer. I don't even know where she gets them from. Mostly they are inspirational stories about how much we should all love each other, but every now and then a comedic gem gets passed my way. Exhibit A:

"I know most of you are dog lovers and will help us.
Our neighbor has lost her Chihuahua and is desperate
to find him. She does a lot of traveling and always takes
her dog with her. Yesterday, she was s
itting on the couch
watching TV. She called out for her puppy with no response
The back
door was open.
She's been putting up signs everywhere.
If you see this dog, please let me know and I will notify her.
Your help
would be greatly appreciated!"

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This just became mine. I am so excited.

Look at the tuners! Porpoises!

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Have Jackie give you a tour of the White House and her restorations.

In the spirit of the Olympics, the premiere competitive sport.

Young American Bodies.

Interesting webisodes, definitely worth a look.

Get your kicks where you can.

"Pilot (after landing plane in New York): American Airlines welcomes you all to foggy Ottawa, and we hope you had a pleasant flight.
Everybody on plane: Huh? What!
Pilot: Whoopsies, I mean New York City, JFK. (under his breath but still audible) I should drink less."

For the fencer.

He's flying!

Who's it gonna be.

They would obliterate the competition. No, but really.

Congratulations Aislinn!

Love the cons.

Ready for fall.

I want this skirt so badly I could spit.