Wednesday, April 1, 2009

GenArt Film Festival.

So I went to the GenArt Film Festival tonight. The movie was great, the short film was great, the party was great. I highly recommend, but just prepare yourself--everyone will be cooler than you.

This is what I saw, check it out:


So this used to be my event...alas, no longer. Unfortunately I missed this getup. For non-bejeweled legging pictures, go here.

I finally made it guys.

Onto the world-famous (infamous?) ED-209 blog. Today is a great day.

Only in N.C.

Every night ends with the “jamon jam,” a sing-along for guests who want to ham it up. And of course, turn-down service in your room comes with a bag of pork rinds on your pillow.

April Fools!