Thursday, April 2, 2009

The sunnyside of the street.

It is a lovely, sunny, springtime day in New York, so I went for a walk down Fifth Avenue. The cast of characters on the street were as following:

-a sea of Hasidic Jewish boys and fathers passing out flyers
-models with look books in hand
-hipster students with scarves, tote bags and ray bans
-mothers/nannies with children in those $2,000 strollers
-a sea of cute kids in multicolor tights getting out of pre-school
-the Rafiqi man making noises at me
-businessmen on lunch break with their suits unbuttoned
-bike messengers/delivery guys with their massive bike locks locked around their waists
-a flirty glance with a cute gentleman (in all likelihood a 22-year-0ld NYU student, oy.)
-miles davis on my ipod


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